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“Every child is an artist. The problem is staying an artist when you grow up.” Pablo Picaso.

Matthew Garner, 28, was born and raised in the East Bay, California. When Matthew started designing, it was for fun while he was in college making free MySpace layouts for local artists he listened to. He kept a plan in place, but it was never something he thought would work so well. Despite his doubts, in a small amount of time and hard work he created a extremely high profiled list of clients ranging from local to global companies and artists alike.

Now a graduate, Matthew runs the complete online and social presence of the rapidly expanding Young California platform: He is the Webmaster responsible for nearly every post on the site, finding the talent and relevant content by reaching out to new artists and tastemakers that will contribute to music in the future. He is the man behind all the digital marketing and social media engagement from all their accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook where he is responsible for pushing content and following up with their ever growing readership. He also designs nearly all the company’s advertising campaigns, flyers, mixtapes and social media giveaways just to be brief, not even including the feedback and help he gives to small and large scale streetwear brands, artists, producers and radio personalities that are looking for his opinion on numerous “what’s hot next” topics.

Matthew still runs his own online blog: The Based Update where he receives clothes, gadgets, electronics and more to review on the site. A high demand of brands want on his blog, so he uses his influence to bring his opinion on these brands to his readers and over 230,000 followers on Twitter and Instagram combined.

“I’m excited for the future and the roll I may play in it.”